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Rev. Jacob Bender settled in Lauber Hill


Col. Dresden W.H. Howard settled in Pike Township


Chesterfield Clemons, - some history and family genealogy

"Uncle John" Butler settled in Chesterfield Township


James Steele Riddle Family Genealogy


Steve Leslie's Genealogy Pages

Bailey, Krieger, Shaffer (Martin),  Layman, Roth, Rupp

Then Click on Surname link at the left side of page.

Steve Leslie
Has volunteered to  take pictures for people who want a

picture of a gravestone in Fulton Co., Ohio.

Steve also has a collection of over 900

Fulton Co., Ohio Obituaries from 1887-1959
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to View Obituary List.
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Surnames of Fulton County, Ohio pg1
Bayes, Ayers, Zeigler, Tedrow, Gorsuch, Dye, Bender, 
Vernier, Figy, Miley, Pocock, Taber,
Campbell, Gasche, Robinson  and many more
from the Western Fulton County Townships.

Surnames of Fulton County, Ohio pg2
Descendants of Hamp, 
with Mead, Templeton, Watkins, Fauble
and many more Surnames from Eastern 
Fulton county Townships.

Surnames of Fulton County, Ohio 3
Ancestors of Grove, Koder, Seager and Wales 
       with Coder/Koder, Favorite, Coon, Grove/Groff,
         Hall,  Haynes, Hartley, Miller, Pilliod, Seager, 
           Todd, Wales, and many more Surnames of 
           Eastern Fulton County, Ohio descendants. 

Charles Keller's


BITTIKOFER Family History
CARTER Family of N.W. Ohio
ELLIS Family West Virginia
GARDINIER Family History
HOPKINS Family N.W. Ohio
KELLER Family of N.W. Ohio
KIRKMAN Family N. W. Ohio
LEININGER Family of N.W. Ohio
MCCONNELL Family History
MEISSER Genealogy Association
Jacob MISER Family History
Encil MIZER Family History
Paul & Valleda MIZER Family Photos
SNYDER Family N.W. Ohio
Samuel WIGGINS Family History


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