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Council Oak           Tomb of D.W.H. Howard         Lake Winameg

This one is an old postcard (sorry, no date on it). It is captioned
"Council Oak, Winameg, O. of 
D.W.H. Howard and the Indians".

"Historic Council Oak"
On the left bank of Bad Creek in Pike Twp. at the foot of a hill where sleep three races of men, stood the Council Oak, the monarch of the forest.  In 1833, Col. Dresden Winfield Huston Howard held the last Council with the Indians before they were taken to Kansas.  The Indians did not want to give up their rich hunting ground, but the encroachment of the white settler crowded him westward.  It was under this oak that the treaty was signed  wherein the Indians agreed, in consideration of a sum of money from the governments and lands in Kansas they would leave the land they loved so  well forever.  Col. Howard acted as the interpreter for the Indians at this meeting.
The old tree with its large and spreading branches stood there for centuries.  On the north side of the tree was an outline of a human being with arms outstretched, head down and feet up.  When the Indians captured an enemy they bound him in this position to the tree, and then standing on the adjacent hill would torture their victim by shooting into the arms, then the legs and finally the body until he was
dead.  This history was recited to the writer one pleasant day by Mrs. Howard as she was seated in her country home near the oak tree.  The Mound builders, the Indians and Col. Howard all sleep within the shadow of this tree, buried in the soil which each in turn of life called theirs to own and bless.

Here is another old postcard if you want it. 
Again, no date on it.  The caption reads
"Tomb of D.W.H. Howard, Winameg, O."

It was fitting that a man brought up from the pioneer's log cabin and the Indian's wigwam to be a leader and legislator of a great state should die in a farm home on the site of an Indian village. Col. Dresden Winfield Huston Howard  died at his home, at winameg on Tuesday morning, Nov. 9, 1897, just past 80yrs. of age, after a life of activity and usefulness such as few men live.  From early childhood he had been actively identified with the development of this state, from 
the time when as a boy he advanced the early trading with the Indians to when even in advanced years he aided in the direction of state affairs and institutions.  The death  of Col. Howard had been long expected, as he had suffered from a cancer on his lower lip for more that two years and lately it was known that the end was close at hand.  The funeral was set from the home at Winameg,  the Reverend J. W. Lully of Hicksville to conduct services.  General  J. Kent  Hamilton of Toledo was invited to deliver the funeral oration at the tomb in 
compliance with a request made by Col. Howard before his death.  The body was placed in a vault which he had constructed in the cemetery at Winameg.  H. T. Brigham and Col. E. L. Barber of Wauseon were among the pall bearers. Col. Howard was born in Dresden Yates Co. New York on Nov 3, 1817.

Colonel Dresden Winfield Huston HOWARD
Obituary and Eulogy
Toledo Blade 1897
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This Portrait was found in the old Pioneer Inn in Grand Rapids, Ohio

and is thought it might be that of young Colonel Howard???


The caption on front reads 
"Lake Winameg, Winameg, O."
On back written in pencil is "Bert Filo  Winameg, O." and below that
"This was dug by Aurelius "Aurie" Shaffer and Arthur Valentine."
( click on Aurelius' name to see genealogy)

Don't quote me on this because I am not 100% sure of it, but I 
believe it was located behind the Winameg store. I think it was 
used to harvest ice in the days before refrigeration. Arthur Valentine 
was my grandfather. He told me that he helped dig it with his team 
of horses. That would have been in the early 1900's.
caption and photo sent in by Flo Valentine Dove

The pond was located in the wooded area behind the
Pike School yard between the Aetna Grange and the school.

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