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Excerpt of Frank Reighard's History of Fulton County published in 1920 included the following that tells the history of the early schools from 1834 in and around Delta area


  1931 Raker School Class

  "The Hill of Science" built in 1870

Newspaper Article about Early Schools

Published June 2, 1876 in the "Delta Avalanche"


Monroe/Wood St. School built in 1889 located in the area of current Fernwood St. between Wood St and Monroe St., opened September1890 and torn down in 1940

Click Here to read 1889 Delta High School History from 1939 Del Hi

Class of circa. 1912, Monroe St. School

  The School Bell

The Bell was Erected at the Monroe Street School on June 1st 1931 and the Plaque States the Bell has Called Children to School for over Eighty Years.

(see plaque picture below to read the full text)

  The Bell was moved to the Fernwood Street School in 1939

Close Up of the Plaque on the Bell Tower.   The Bell is currently being erected at the entrance of the Delta Elementary and Middle Schools


Fernwood St School built in 1938-39 and opened Sept 11, 1939.  First addition was added in 1954; 2 classrooms, a kindergarten room and Activities Room to the East end, plus the Bandroom behind the gymnasium.  Second additon added in 1957 when the Elementary north wing was built.


They are currently deciding how to incorporate the Bell here by the sign at the entrance of the Delta Elementary and Middle Schools. A concrete pad has been poured and they are now deciding how to integrate the plaque and some bricks from the old Fernwood School building into the design for the permanent mount.

  Fernwood Street Delta School was torn down Summer of 2012
  2012 Photos of School before Demolition
  2012 Photos of the School Demolition


Delta School Consolidated with York and Pike Township Schools in 1967 and the district became known as Pike-Delta-York Schools

  York Township School

York School is no longer standing

  Pike Township School

Pike Township School is still standing

  Current Delta High School opened January 1975

Delta Middle School 

(need better picture)


Current Elementary School


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Pike Delta York Board of Education Office

Fernwood Street

Delta, OH 43567

Pike-Delta-York Employee Obituaries

Calendar of Sesquicentennial Events

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Mary Augusta WOOD

First child born in village of Delta


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June 2008




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