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Delta Community Fire Department

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Chief Brett Hite
Serving Since: 2010
1st Assistant Chief Jack Simon
Serving Since: 1988
2nd Assistant Chief Jeremy Gillen
Serving Since: 2002
Captain Sean Griewahn
Serving Since: 2002

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Delta Community Fire Station


History Timeline

      Currently the membership has 24 Honorary members, and 41 Active members. Most members hold more than 1 certification but the breakdown is as follows. 29 Firefighters, 21 EMT’s, and 5 divers.

            Thru the many years of service in which the department has watched over the village, we have also leaders in our county. Below are a few points of interest………

1949- Delta had the 1st Rescue & Emergency team with a rescue truck in Fulton County

1952- Delta had the 1st fire alarm system which notified all Firefighters at the same time of a fire or emergency. This system was designed and installed in the Telephone office.

1957- Delta had the 1st 4-wheel drive Grass/Field fire truck.

1985 – The dept formed a Scuba team with 6 members trained to do so.

1986 – The 1st explorer program in the Delta department was sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America; this gave upcoming Boys and Girls a chance for hands on experience.

For over a century now we have been under direction and led by the following Chiefs…..

1901 - S.A. Raker             Chief until 1912 (11 yrs)

1912 – A.Y. Montgomery Chief until 1922 (10 yrs)

1922 - Elmer Guthrie         Chief until 1936 (14 yrs)

1936 – James Barron         Chief until retiring due to health issues in 1964.

               (Serving 28 yrs as chief, and holding longest term in history)

1964 – James Penrod         Chief until 1977 (11 yrs)

1977 – George Dick           Chief until 1999 (22 yrs)

1999 – Chuck Hudson       Chief until 2009 (10 yrs)

2010 – Brett Hite               Current Chief

The department also holds current memberships with the following……

Fulton County Fireman’s Association

Northwest Ohio Volunteer Fireman’s Association

Ohio state fireman’s Association 

And have also remained a chartered member of the NOVFA since 1934.

Delta Community Fire Department History

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1892 Delta Fire

Article Above is Out of the 1990 Delta History

Delta Fire Department Makes National News 1953

master switch joining all volunteer phones

Globe-Wernicke Burns August 16th 1966



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