Grant Yarnell's Birthplace
born June 16, 1867 - died  Dec 1918 
(Photo donated by and captions provided by Mark Lozer)

  The home where Grant Yarnell was born in 1867.  It is him standing in front of the house. Grant was married to Charlotte Hartman, my great great grandmother's sister; Melinda Hartman Lozer.  Grant's brother, William was married to Aurilla Morris and ironically Aurilla was the sister of my great great grandmother Caroline Morris Sallabank.  Caroline's daughter, Grace Larue Sallabank and Malinda's son, Leonard Lozer were married and had 2 children; my grandfather Douglas Lozer who is deceased and my great Aunt Donna Lozer Miller Nifong Carroll who used to work at the Wauseon Library until a few tears ago. She is still living at age 91 as of February 2001. 

Back to the Yarnell home photo.  Grant Yarnell's sister Sarah married Henry C. Oldfield and were the parent's of Barney Oldfield.  I do not know whether Sarah was also born in this house but from what I have read it sounds like Eli and Susan Yarnell had all 11 of there children on this farm in York Twnsp. 

Submitted by: Mark Lozer, 817 N Fulton St, Wauseon, OH 43567, 335-6785

 Eli Yarnell and Susanna (Weirick) Yarnell.
 Eli Yarnell b. Nov. 03, 1825In Wayne Co., OH near Wooster, OH
The parents of Grant Yarnell
The Grant Yarnell Family
Seated L to R Grant and Charlotte( Lottie ) Hartmann Yarnell
Standing L to R- Hazel,  Alta, George and Ilo.
Descendants of Eli Yarnell
Generation No. 1

 1.  Eli2 Yarnell  was born November 03, 1825 in Wayne Co. OH, near Wooster, and died August 16, 1873 in Wauseon, OH.  He married Susanna Weirick June 14, 1849.  She was born January 17, 1832 in Cumberland Co PA, and died November 03, 1904 in Wauseon, OH.

More About Eli Yarnell and Susanna Weirick:
Marriage: June 14, 1849

Children of Eli Yarnell and Susanna Weirick are:

   2 i. Daniel3 Yarnell.
   3  ii. Ithamar Yarnell.
   4 iii. Jane Yarnell.
   5 iv. Laura Yarnell.
   6 v. Lucy Yarnell.
   7 vi. Nancy Yarnell.
   8 vii. Phillip Yarnell, born November 05, 1850; 
           died December 02, 1851 in Wauseon, OH.
+ 9 viii. Sarah Yarnell, born 1854; died 1920.
+ 10 ix. Frank Yarnell, born 1856; died 1911.
   11 x. Mary Ellen (Allie) Yarnell, born 1864; 
              died August 30, 1881 in Wauseon, OH.
   12 xi. William Sheridan Yarnell, born 1865. 
              He married Aurilla Morris; born Abt. 1860.
             Notes for Aurilla Morris: resided in Toledo, OH 
+ 13 xii. Grant Yarnell, born June 16, 1867 in Fulton Co .OH 
         died December 1918 in Fulton Co. OH.

Generation No. 2

 9. Sarah3 Yarnell (Eli2, Job1) was born 1854, and died 1920.  She married Henry C. Oldfield, son of Gilbert Oldfield.  He was born 1842, and died 1928.

Child of Sarah Yarnell and Henry Oldfield is:

 14 i. Berna E. (Barney)4 Oldfield, born January 29, 1878 in York Twp, Fulton  Co. OH; died October 04, 1946 in CA.  He married Rebecca (Bessie) Gooby.

Notes for Berna E. (Barney) Oldfield:
First man in nation to drive a gas powered car no. 999 officially at a speed
of a mile per minute on June 20, 1903 at  the Indianapolis Fairgrounds.
First man to travel 131 mph March 16, 1905 at the Daytona Beach, FL.

10.  Frank3 Yarnell (Eli2, Job1) was born 1856, and died 1911.  He married Lydia Ellen Tedrow, daughter of Isaac Tedrow and Elizabeth Bain.  She was born 1861, and died 1929.

Child of Frank Yarnell and Lydia Tedrow is:

  15 i. Harry4 Yarnell, born 1887; died 1917.
13.  Grant3 Yarnell (Eli2, Job1) was born June 16, 1867 in Fulton Co. OH, and died December 1918 in Fulton Co. OH.  He married Charlotte (Lottie) Hartmann, daughter of John Hartmann and Charlotte Houghtby.  She was born 1868 in Fulton Co. OH, and died 1935 in Fulton Co. OH.

Children of Grant Yarnell and Charlotte Hartmann are:

   16 i. Alta4 Yarnell.  She married Edward Coquille.
+ 17 ii. Hazel Yarnell, born 1890; died 1947.
+ 18 iii. Ilo Yarnell, born January 27, 1897 in Fulton Co. OH; 
            died December 08, 1980.
   19 iv. George Yarnell, born 1900; died 1973.  He married 
            Minnie M. Miller;  born 1898; died 1994

Alta,  Hazel, 
George and Ilo

Generation No. 3

 17.  Hazel4 Yarnell (Grant3, Eli2, Job1) was born 1890, and died 1947.  She married Arthur J. Munson.  He was born 1888, and died 1925.

Children of Hazel Yarnell and Arthur Munson are:

   20 i. Eljean5 Munson.
+ 21 ii. Alfred Munson, born 1911.
 18.  Ilo4 Yarnell (Grant3, Eli2, Job1) was born January 27, 1897 in Fulton Co. OH, and died December 08, 1980.  She married Hugene Franklin Buttermore.  He was born September 18, 1894 in Putnam Co. OH, and died September 24, 1931.

Child of Ilo Yarnell and Hugene Buttermore is:
          + 22 i. Hugene G.5 Buttermore, born May 20, 1923.

Generation No. 4

 21.  Alfred5 Munson (Hazel4 Yarnell, Grant3, Eli2, Job1) was born 1911.  He married (1) Madonna Stallhut.    He married (2) Marjorie ??. 

Child of Alfred Munson and Madonna Stallhut is:

 23 i. Allen6 Munson.
 22.  Hugene G.5 Buttermore (Ilo4 Yarnell, Grant3, Eli2, Job1) was born May 20, 1923.  He married Glenadene Hitt May 20, 1943, daughter of Glen Hitt and Zoe Walker.  She was born November 20, 1922.

More About Hugene Buttermore and Glenadene Hitt:
Marriage: May 20, 1943

Children of Hugene Buttermore and Glenadene Hitt are:

 + 24 i. Micheal Joesph6 Buttermore, born June 18, 1947; 
              died October 13, 1991.
+ 25 ii. Michelle K Buttermore, born June 11, 1949.
   26 iii. David Bruce Buttermore, born August 18, 1956.
                Notes for David Bruce Buttermore:
                   married twice , divorced, no children
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