Brailey, Fulton County, Ohio
(Photo donated by and captions provided by Mark Lozer, Delta, OH)

This photo of Brailey that was taken around 1900. The child standing in the right corner with the hat is Paul Wales and was born in 1893 and was my Grandmother's older brother.

On back it says that Paul is standing in back of Dad's seed drill. (Dad was Henry O. Wales b.1871 and mother Nellie Jane Meintzer b. 1873) The original photo was taken by J. Cogan Art Studios of Swanton.

Store -  Barber Shop - Feedmill - Hardware.

There was a meeting hall above the mill where they had game suppers and Modern Woodman met. The people that had the hardware lived above it.

It looks like this picture was taken from the south so you are looking down the road to the north with the right side being east and left the west.

Paul Wales was also one of the primary builders of "Our Lady of Fatima" church on us 20 near Fayette.

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