Information on Fulton Co. Ohio Probate  Records
"Available at the Fulton County Records Center  and other places to check"


   Started records in 1867 we have those volumes - Health Dept has Death records from 1880 to present however they only have a handful from the years 1880 to 1900.

   Vol 1 thru 4 here in the Records Center

   Years 1908 to 1921(check with the Health Dept first) if they do not have then check the
Death Records in Columbus.  Ohio Historical Society/1985 Velma Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43211 -
Checks to State Treasury-

   Info needed for Death Record through the State: Name at Death/Place of Death/Date of Death.  Allow 3-4  weeks to process.  Certified copies - $ - phone 614-466-2531/   From August 1951 to the present - death records located at the Fulton Co. Health Dept.
Certified Death Records are $

   Death Records before 1945 that have not been located at the Records Center here or at the Fulton County Health Dept. next door check with Ohio Historical Society, ( see address above) at Phone 614-297-2300.


   We have Birth Records here(1867 to 1954) however, they are not the actual Birth certificate.  Certified copies of the Birth Certificate can be obtained from the Health Dept for $.

   The Health Dept has Birth Certificates starting with 1870 to present, however from 1870 to 1900 only have a handful.

   Birth Records not found here at the Records Center or the Health Dept next door for 1908 or Before, try the Ohio Historical Society at 1985 Velma Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43211 at Phone 614-297-2300.

   Columbus Address for Birth Certificates 1909 to 1920, (check with Health Dept first then if no luck send on to Columbus see address below)

   Bureau of Vital Statistics, 246 N High St. P.O. Box 15098 Columbus, Ohio 43215 - 0098.  Checks to State Treasury - Certified Copies $ - Send info to the state with the following:

   Use Name at birth/place of birth/date of birth/Father's Name/Mother's maiden name.  Allow 3-4 weeks to process.  Phone 614-466-2531.

   Delayed Birth Registrations should be directed to Tom Paster at 614-644-0200 at the Ohio Dept of Health Vital Statistics, 246 N High St. Columbus, Ohio 43266-0118

   The Phone number for information/questions regarding Adoptions, name Changes or Court ordered Corrections is 614-466-4784.

   If anyone says that their record or date is incorrect they must go up to the orobate office and fill out a form to change it.  Probate will then instruct us to change the record.


   Vol I and 2 were lost in courthouse fire - marriages start in 1864
   A marriage license is recorded in County issued, Not where they are married.

   Cannot get an Ohio Marriage License and get Married in another state.

   We can certify any record here for $ plus the cost of 25 cents per copy. Be aware that the BMV DOES NOT accept our Birth Record Certifications.  You must get a Certified copy from the Health Dept.  However,  if the Health Dept. does not have the Birth on file you may need to contact the Bureau of Vital Stats in Columbus, Ohio. (see address above)

Form to request Birth & Death Certificates  are available at this sight:
These files are in .PDF format.
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