Boyd Dunbar and 
2nd wife Rachel Fitzsimmons
The following photo was sumitted by Lucille Morton,  who is a descendant of Dunbar /Fitzsimmons through Leander Dunbar.  Leander was the son of Boyd Dunbar and Catherine Fitzsimmons, Boyd's  first wife and sister of Rachel.  She sent some other photos of her line which I have added to the appropriate section of the family report.

Descendants of Leander Dunbar

Generation No. 1

        1.  Leander3 Dunbar  (Boyd2, Robert1) was born January 14, 1834, and died November 29, 1903.  He married Sarah Miller, daughter of Reuben Miller and Elizabeth Tom.  She was born April 09, 1838, and died August 07, 1904.

More About Leander Dunbar:
Burial: Salisbury Cemetery

More About Sarah Miller:
Burial: Salisbury Cemetery

Children of Leander Dunbar and Sarah Miller are:
+      2       i.    Julius E.4 Dunbar, born 1858; died 1910.
        3       ii.     Emma Jane Dunbar, born April 27, 1860 in Fulton County, Ohio; died January 19, 1932 in Fulton County, Ohio.  She married William Johnson August 01, 1875; born March 12, 1853 in Fulton County, Ohio; died May 17, 1943 in Fulton County, Ohio.

More About William Johnson and Emma Dunbar:
Marriage: August 01, 1875

        4        iii.    Eugene E. Dunbar.
+      5        iv.    Charles B. Dunbar, born 1867; died 1952.
+      6        v.     Luella Dunbar.
        7        vi.    John Dunbar, born 1871; died 1945. 
                          He married Jennie; born 1868; died 1947.

More About John Dunbar:
Burial: Winameg Cemetery

More About Jennie:
Burial: Winameg Cemetery

John, Emma and Charles Dunbar


Generation No. 2

        2.  Julius E.4 Dunbar (Leander3, Boyd2, Robert1) was born 1858, and died 1910.  He married Elizabeth Evans.  She was born 1857, and died 1936.

More About Julius E. Dunbar:
Burial: Raker Cem., Swancreek twp Fulton Co. OH

Children of Julius Dunbar and Elizabeth Evans are:
+       8       i.      Harl L.5 Dunbar, born October 16, 1876 in near Delta,  OH; 
                           died February 23, 1936 in Wauseon, OH.
         9       ii.     Roscoe Dunbar.

        5.  Charles B.4 Dunbar (Leander3, Boyd2, Robert1) was born 1867, and died 1952.  He married Frances Eliza Dickson, daughter of James Dickson and Sarah Baxter.  She was born March 26, 1869, and died 1951.

More About Charles B. Dunbar:
Burial: Winameg Cemetery

More About Frances Eliza Dickson:
Burial: Winameg Cemetery

Children of Charles Dunbar and Frances Dickson are:
+      10      i.      Clarence J.5 Dunbar, born August 22, 1887; 
                            died February 15, 1935 in Winameg, OH.
        11      ii.     Kate Belle Dunbar, born 1890; died 1970 in Fulton Co. OH. 
                            She married Benjamin F. Ramseyer September 25, 1913 
                            in Fulton Co. OH; born 1876; died 1959 in Fulton Co. OH.

More About Kate Belle Dunbar:
Burial: Pettisville Cemetery, Dover Twp. Fulton Co., OH

More About Benjamin F. Ramseyer:
Burial: Pettisville Cemetery, Dover Twp. Fulton Co., OH

More About Benjamin Ramseyer and Kate Dunbar:
Marriage: September 25, 1913, Fulton Co. OH

        12      iii.    Bessie June Dunbar.
        13      iv.     Lena May Dunbar.  She married Verne Sindel.
        14      v.      William J. Dunbar.

        6.  Luella4 Dunbar (Leander3, Boyd2, Robert1)  She married William Herrick Snyder June 22, 1887, son of William Snyder and Angenette Herrick.  He was born 1860, and died 1937.

Luella DUNBAR and William Herrick Snyder

Believed to be a wedding pic
  of Luella Dunbar, & Wm.
        Herrick Snyder Jr. of Fulton
           Co. OH. Married in 1887, and
     moved to Gladwin Co. MI.
    Children are: Leon, Lula,
         Freda, Blanche, Ralph, Ada,
       Irma & Clifford. Picture of
daughter on this site
     Blanche Snyder-Morton.

Notes for William Herrick Snyder:
In the fall of 1887 William H. Snyder and his brother Andrew mad the journey from Fulton Co. OH to Gladwin Co., MI in a covered wagon. He bought 80 acres on wild land that is now called the Tobacco River. He built a cabin there and lived with Luella for over fifty years. They are both intered in Old Dale Cemetery in Beaverton, MI. William H. Snyder was Tobacco Township Supervisor, and helped to build the stone church at Dale, MI, that still serves the community today.

Wedding Anniversary Celebrated By Tobacco Twp. Pioneers

 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Snyder celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary Sunday at their home in Tobacco township with a family reunion. Mr. and Mrs. Snyder are pioneers of Tobacco township, having located there in 1887.  Their first home was a log cabin built from which they cut from the forests which covered the location which they chose for their home. Their early experiences were many and varied.
 They hunted wild animals on their new farm, floated their logs down the river to mill, drove oxen over swampy trails from sun-up to sun-down for their supplies from the nearest towns, and raised eight children, all present at the family reunion.  His eldest son, W. L. Snyder, and wife joined the festivities by celebrating their twenty-fifth anniversary.  The following people were present: Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Whitton and daughter, Lyons, Ohio; Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Snyder, Detroit; Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Dundas and family, Royal Oak, Mich.; Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Bracy and family, Ferndale, Mich.; Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Morton and family, Lansing, Mich.; Mr. and Mr. R. W. Snyder and daughter, Mr. Pleasant, Mich.; Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Albright and family, Chicago, Ill.; Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Smith and family, Beaverton, Mich.; C. C. Snyder, Beaverton, Mich.,  Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Snyder and sons, Clarence, Hobart and Theodore, Beaverton, Mich.; Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Snyder, Sand Creek, Mich.; Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Snyder and family, Lyons, Ohio; Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Dunbar, Delta, Ohio; Mr. and Mrs. John Dunbar, Morenci, Mich.; Mr. and Mrs. Leon Dunbar, Sand Creek, Mich.;  Mrs. William Funk, Ferndale, Mich.; Miss Elizabeth Snyder, Saginaw, Mich.; Mr. and Mrs. Donald Perkins and daughter, Flint, (left out of article) Mich.; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jones and family, Sand Creek, Mich.; Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Waldron and Family, Lyons, Ohio;
 Miss Bette Adams, Lansing, Mich.; Miss Dorothy Hoover, Ferndale, Mich.; and Everett French, Beaverton.  Neighborhood friends called in the afternoon to convey their congratulations. They received many lovely and useful gifts.

 Submitted by: Lucille Linda Morton who is the great great granddaughter of William Herrick Snyder and wife Luella Dunbar Snyder. Unknown newspaper article: But I assume it is from a Gladwin County Record based in Gladwin, Michigan , and I will need to verify the date, and page of the source. This article was found among Blanche E. Snyder-Morton and her husbands belongings. Blanche is the daughter of William and Luella Snyder. Blanche is the paternal grandmother of Lucille Linda Morton.

 Pays Tribute to Wm. H. Snyder

 An afternoon in mid-September. A chilling northwest wind gave unerring notice of approaching autumn. A clear sky, save for a seat red flock of fleecy clouds riding in unison far above this world of joy and sorrow.

 This it was as the good folk of the surrounding communities were assembling at the little stone church in Dale, a village located in one of the finest farming sections in Gladwin County. Here you and old were gathering, all for one purpose, that of paying honor and respect for a pioneer whom death had called. A pioneer indeed, for who present could recall when he had not been among them. The sun, hidden for the moment, comes forth in all its brightness. The organ sends forth its slalom voice, the various groups take their respective places and the last rites are held for William H. Snyder.

 Mr. Snyder was born in Fulton County August 26th, 1860, and died September 14, 1937. He was the son of Wm. Snyder who served on the side of the Union in the Civil War. His mother, before her marriage was Angenette Herrick, a teacher in the public schools. In the vicinity of his birthplace Mr. Snyder grew to manhood, met and married Christina Smith, who one-year later death called. On June 22, 1887, he was united in marriage with Luella Dunbar. In the fall of ?87, with his brother, they made the journey from Fulton county to Gladwin in a covered wagon. Here he purchased the farm on which he had since resided.

 Always a farmer, and as such, Mr. Snyder took his work seriously and the homestead that bear his name stands as evidence of many years of earnest toil. He took an active part in local government affairs, serving his township as supervisor and other offices of trust. He was a man of fine character. His distaste for sham and the false and his admiration for honesty and the better things of life stamped him as a man among men.  The writer, as he gathers these notes from many fine tributes spoken in honor of the deceased, is impelled to include the following line by Kramer:

 The day died with a food of crimson flame
 That bathed hills in beauty richly rare,
 And all the world bowed down and, I, too came
 To stand in wonder and to worship there.
 And then a small voice seemed to question me,
 When death shall come and I must gladly go,
 Will there be one to love my memory?
 O Lord, shall I, too, leave an after glow?
 -An Observer

 Submitted by Lucille Linda Morton, great great granddaughter of William Herrick Snyder. This was found among Blanche E. Snyder-Morton?s belongs. She is the daughter of William Herrick Snyder. No mention of whom wrote this, but this was posted in the Gladwin County Record.

More About William Snyder and Luella Dunbar:
Marriage: June 22, 1887

Children of Luella Dunbar and William Snyder are:
        15      i.      Leon5 Snyder, born 1889.  He married Estella ??.

Notes for Estella ??:
no children

        16      ii.     Lula Snyder, born 1891.  She married James Gordon Dundas October 27, 1915 in Gladwin County, MI, (Gladwin county in Book 15-073 page 2-117).

Notes for Lula Snyder:
Lula was also a school teacher in 1914 at Hunter School District No. 3, Tobacco Township, Gladwin County, MI in Beaverton. She is listed on school memory book as Lula M.  Snyder-Teacher.

More About James Dundas and Lula Snyder:
Marriage: October 27, 1915, Gladwin County, MI, (Gladwin county in Book 15-073 page 2-117)

        17      iii.    Freda Snyder, born 1893.  She married Floyd Bracy.
+      18      iv.     Blanche Estell Snyder, born July 10, 1895.
        19      v.      Ralph Snyder, born 1897.  He married Marie Jean Ladd.
        20      vi.     Ada Snyder, born 1900.
        21      vii.    Erma Snyder, born 1902.  She married husband August 07, 1921 
                           in Gladwin Co., MI.

More About husband and Erma Snyder:
Marriage: August 07, 1921, Gladwin Co., MI

        22      viii.   Clifford Snyder, born 1905.  He married Iva ??.

Notes for Iva ??:
no children

Wm. Snyder Jr.Family
The Family of Wm.H. &
 Luella Dunbar-Snyder of
      Gladwin Co. MI. They were
       married in 1887, & moved to
      Gladwin Co. Tobacco Twp.
 Beaverton, MI.

          People in photo
           Name: Freda Snyder - Back Left
                                                          Name: Leon Snyder  - Center Back Right
Name: William Herrick Snyder Jr-. Middle Left Row w/baby on lap
Name: Lula Snyder-  Middle Row Center
Name: Luella Dunbar-Snyder- Middle Row Left End
Name: Ralph Snyder- Front Row Left-Toddler on fathers lap
           Name: Blanche Estell Snyder- Front Row Center
           Name: Ada Snyder- Front Row Right-Baby on mothers lap

Generation No. 3

        8.  Harl L.5 Dunbar (Julius E.4, Leander3, Boyd2, Robert1) was born October 16, 1876 in near Delta,  OH, and died February 23, 1936 in Wauseon, OH.  He married (1) Nora Smith 1896.  She died 1903.  He married (2) Pearl Andrews Metzger June 1908.

More About Harl Dunbar and Nora Smith:
Marriage: 1896

More About Harl Dunbar and Pearl Metzger:
Marriage: June 1908

Child of Harl Dunbar and Nora Smith is:
        23      i.      Leil6 Dunbar.

Children of Harl Dunbar and Pearl Metzger are:
        24      i.      Olin6 Dunbar.
        25      ii.     Marvel Dunbar.

        10.  Clarence J.5 Dunbar (Charles B.4, Leander3, Boyd2, Robert1) was born August 22, 1887, and died February 15, 1935 in Winameg, OH.  He married Marie Lasalle.  She was born 1895, and died 1951.

More About Clarence J. Dunbar:
Burial: Winameg Cemetery

More About Marie Lasalle:
Burial: Winameg Cemetery

Children of Clarence Dunbar and Marie Lasalle are:
        26      i.      Doris6 Dunbar.
        27      ii.     Lois Dunbar.
        28      iii.    Frances Dunbar.

        18.  Blanche Estell5 Snyder (Luella4 Dunbar, Leander3, Boyd2, Robert1) was born July 10, 1895.  She married Clarence Victor Morton September 02, 1914 in Gladwin County, MI (records in book 14-054 on page 2-109).

Notes for Clarence Victor Morton:
Clarence Victor Morton was born in Clare County MI in the township of Hamilton listed as the city of Harrison. He is buried in Old Dale Cemetery in Beaverton, MI in Gladwin County. Along side his wife Blanche E. Snyder-Morton, and infant that whose headstone is dated 1915 as Baby Morton.

Clarence Victor Morton's parents are:
 Samuel Embury Morton born in Sterling, Ontario
 Jane Hurst born in Harold, Ontario

More About Clarence Morton and Blanche Snyder:
Marriage: September 02, 1914, Gladwin County, MI (records in book 14-054 on page 2-109)

Children of Blanche Snyder and Clarence Morton are:
        29      i.      Donald C.6 Morton, born January 1917.  He married Bette Adams.
+       30      ii.     William "Bill" Harrick Morton, born December 10, 1920 in Gladwin, MI..

Generation No. 4

        30.  William "Bill" Harrick6 Morton (Blanche Estell5 Snyder, Luella4 Dunbar, Leander3, Boyd2, Robert1) was born December 10, 1920 in Gladwin, MI..

Child of William "Bill" Harrick Morton is:
        31      i.      Lucille Linda7 Morton.

Name: L. L. Morton

           Researching the following surnames: 
Morton, Snyder, Dunbar, Herrick, Dundas, Albright.
           Next line: Clapp, Eldridge.  Then: Carr, O'Brien.

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