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Octavius Waters Died July 8th, 1886



Josiah Tryon GATES


Gates Addition of the Village of Delta





William Wallace Williams

Mayor of the Village of Delta

April 1877 March 29, 1880


"William Wallace Williams was born in Michigan 3 Feb 1833, while his parents, David and Phoebe Williams, were on a visit in Michigan, to a brother of Mrs. Williams.  William W., however, was early thrown upon his own resources, his parents dying when he was still comparatively young.  He went to live with Doctor Taylor in Wauseon, Ohio, attending the public schools of that city. ... During the Civil war he was in the military forces of the Union, enlisting in Company I of the 38th Regiment of OVI, and eventually receiving honorable discharge from the national forces.  In 1867, being then 34 years old, he married, soon after which important event in his history he began to study law, resolving to qualify for admittance to the legal profession.  Eventually he was admitted, and for many years thereafter was one of the most prominent lawyers of the Delta section of Fulton County.  He resided in that place, his law practice centering there, and in that city he was greatly esteemed.  He was a man of commendable public spirit, a convincing public speaker, and he took a helpful part in the civic affairs of Delta.  He was popular in that part of Fulton County, and held the confidence of the people of Delta; so much that they elected him mayor of the town. He was 57 years old in the year of his death, 1890, and his life, although not of very long duration, was yet filled with consequential achievements, not the least of which was his strength of purpose in making his own way after the death of his parents.  He was a good Christian, member of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Delta, and a steady supporter thereof.  Politically he was a Republican, and was a factor of some consequence to the party in his home district.  He took a leading part in political movements in his own district; in fact he was active and useful in almost all phases of the public affairs of Delta. As a veteran of the Civil war he belonged to the local post of the Grand Army of the Republic.  His wife has lived as widowhood of 30 years, and 53 years have passed since she, Jane Casler, was married to William Wallace Williams.  She was born within 25 miles of Toronto, CA, 30 Jan 1845, the daughter of Hugh and Elizabeth [Yake] Casler, who were both Canadians by birth, although Mrs. Williams is descended in the maternal line from an old colonial New York family, her grandparent having been born at Mohawk River, New York state, the son of John Yake, who came from Germany to one of the NY settlements.  In the paternal line Mrs. Williams evidently belongs to a family of British antecedents, long resident in Canada.  She has lived quietly in Delta amid a large circle of good friends since the death of her husband 30 years ago, and she owns an artistic bungalow on Front Street. 

The children born to William Wallace and Jane [Casler] Williams were: William, who is a successful and enterprising business man in Minneapolis , MN; Ila, who married Lewis Cameron, of Delta; Charles, who died at the age of 21 years, just as he had entered promising manhood; Harry, now of Detroit, MI, is a veteran of 2 wars, having served through the Spanish-American war, rising to the rank of sergeant, and as a commissioned officer in the World war, 1917- 1919; Paul, now of Wauseon, also a former soldier, having for 7 years been in t he U.S. Regular Army; Leland S., of Wauseon, who is also a veteran of the Spanish-American war.  The family is thus of military record in the last 3 wars in which the nation has engaged, a note-worthy record of patriotism, seeing that in each case the service was voluntary.  Mrs. Jane (Casler) Williams is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and in her younger days took an earnest part in church work, and also in the social functions of community life of Delta." --Standard History of Fulton Co., OH, by Frank H. Reighard, Vol 2 p. 267. 

"William W. Williams is a native of Michigan.  he was born at Monroe county, in that State, in 1836, but early in life came to Ohio


 Charles Trowbridge Haubiel, 1892-1978.

Born Charles Trowbridge PRATT, (son of Edward Pratt and Mary Haubiel)

 Biographical History


Charles Trowbridge Haubiel was born in Delta, Ohio, in 1892 and died in Los Angeles in 1978. His career encompassed activity as a teacher, composer, pianist, conductor, lecturer, and publisher. After completing his education in this country and in Europe, Haubiel was invited to join the faculty of the Institute of Musical Art of New York (the Julliard Foundation) in 1920 and that of New York University in 1923. In 1935 he founded the Composer's Press to promote the work of American composers. He served as president of that organization until 1966 at which time it was taken over by the Southern Music Company.

Haubiel's output as a composer includes 3 operas, 20 symphonic works, and many solo, choral, and chamber compositions. A number of his works have won him recognition and awards. Written in a neo-Romantic style, his music is distinguished by its fine craftsmanship. The honorary Doctor of Music degree was conferred upon him by Southwestern Conservatory.

From the finding aid for Charles Haubiel Papers 1916-1978 (Washington State University Libraries Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections)




Died July 27th 1938


LONGNECKER, JACOB MOLTZ, Manufacturer; born, Shiremanstown, Pa., Sept., 23, 1847; son of Benjamin K. Longnecker and Margaret (Moltz) Longnecker; educated: Common Schs. of Pennsylvania.  Enlisted Civil War June 27, 1863 Drum mer Co. B., 47th Regt. P. V. I.; discharged Aug. 13, 1863; re-enlisted Private Co. K, 192 P. V. I., Feb. 25, 1 V 65; recharged Aug. 24, 1865 close of war; taught in common schools Penna. until spring 1870; came to Delta, Ohio, Aug. 1870; engaged in Dry Goods business until 1884; then organized and became interested in The Oval Wood Dish Co., manufacturing Wood Dishes. Married, Almeda Zimmerman, of Delta, Ohio, February 16, 1875. Secretary and Treasurer of The Oval Wood Dish Co. of Delta, O.; Pres., Peoples Savings Bank, Delta, O., and largely identified in   financial affairs; Delegate to Republican Natl. Convention at St. Louis, Mo., June 1896, and prominent in political affairs. Socs. and clubs: Masonic Order and Toledo Club. Home address: Delta, Ohio.


Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus



Marvin Morr May 28th, 1918 - May 28th 2012



Doctor Samuel Bell Finney 

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