A History of Fulton County, Ohio, from the Earliest
Days, with Special Chapters on Various Subjects,
Including Each of the Different Townships;
Also a Biographical Department.




Name of Biography Page Name of Biography Page
Allen, Joseph O. 249 Camburn, Frank A. 304
Allen, William B. 250 Cameron, George W. 305
Arnsbarger, Charles 250 Camp, Levi B. 649
Arnsbarger, Orlando 251 Campbell, William H. 306
Banister, Fred F. 252 Canfield, Arthur B.  307
Barber, Edwin L. 253 Carrell, Charels W. 309
Barber, Herbert A. 255 Castle, Clyde O 310
Barden, John H. 255 Chatfield, Alfred A. 310
Barnes, Oliver P. 256 Clark, Carey A.  311
Baumgardner, John 257 Clark, William R. 312
Beatty, George F. 258 Cooney, Martin 313
Beebe, Arthur 259 Cosgrove, Louie C. 314
Beebe, David L. 260 Cottingham, George L. 314
Benner, Louis O. 261 Cottrell, Edward B. 316
Bennett, Charles E. 262 Crippen, Frank R. 317
Berkebile, Chancey 264 Croninger, Benjamin F. 648
Betts, Robert H. 322 Croninger, William W. 318
Biddle, Jacob T. 265 Crumrine, David 319
Biddle, James M. 265 Cunningham, Eli 320
Biddle, John L. 266 Curtis, Orrin W. 321
Biddle, Samuel A. 268 Daniels, Albert C.  324
Biddle, Stillman 268 Davoll, Edward S. 325
Biddle, William L. 269 Davoll, George R. 326
Bishop, Sylvester P. 270 Dennis, Andrew J. 327
Blackman, Frank G. 271 Deyo, Albert 331
Blair, Frank T. 272 Disbrow, Andrew T. 332
Blair House, The 329 Disbrow, Caleb E. 332
Blake, Eugene 273 Disbrow, David J. 333
Blake, Wesley A. 273 Domitio, Christopher 335
Blubaugh, Henry 275 Donovan, Orville A. 336
Bogart, Charles F. 276 Dowell, Albert 337
Bolles, Nelson E. 277 Dowell, Marion 338
Bonnell, Jacob 278 Dowell, William 339
Born, James J. 279 Drew, Albert N. 362
Borton, William 645 Drum, Peter 341
Bowser, Noah W. 281 Edgar, Albert 341
Bradley, Schuyler 282 Edgar, Elmer 342
Brailey, Charles E 283 Eldredge, Bert C. 343
Brailey, James S 285 Everett, George A. 344
Brailey, Orra M 287 Everett, Samuel 345
Brainard, W. F. 288 Fauble, Robert W 347
Brenner, Leroy S.  288 Feltz, Eugene 348
Briggs, Franklin 290 Fenner, David J. 368
Briggs, Rufus 291 Fenton, Charles H.  349
Brigham, Joel, Jr. 292 Fields, William H. 350
Brigham, Roy S. 294 Finn, Robert J. 351
Brink, Byron 295 First, Jacob H 352
Brink, John L. 296 Fleming, Frank L. 352 
Brinkman, Frederick 298 Flory, Joseph P. 353
Brown, Davis 299 Ford, Ansel L. 354
Brown, George W 300 Fouty, Stephen 355 
Buler, David L. 302  
Burroughs, James F. 303  

  All biographies have been transcribed and are posted on this site


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Below are the other Biography Index pages as images for now so you can see
what other names are included in the book.  I will be adding them as I get
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